Gibeon Meteorite Jewelry

Stacy Robinson Studios is excited to introduce a line of meteorite jewelry made from the Gibeon meteorite.  These custom made rings make great engagement rings, wedding bands and gorgeous tension set rings.

About the Gibeon Meteorite

The Gibeon meteorite gets its name from the town closest to where it fell, Gibeon, Namibia.  This meteor’s fall is dated back to prehistoric times and was discovered by the Nama people, who used the meteorite to make tools and weapons.

An English captain, J. E. Alexander, sent samples of the meteorite to London in 1836 for analysis.  It was later analyzed and confirmed that the material had an extraterrestrial nature to it by John Herschel, an English mathematician, chemist, astronomer and inventor.

Composed of an iron-nickel alloy with cobalt and phosphorus, the crystal structure of the meteorite makes it an ideal material to craft jewelry from.

SRS Meteorite Jewelry

Our meteorite rings are primarily forged from titanium and feature inlays of the Gibeon meteorite.  Because of the unique crystal structure or Widmanstatten pattern of the Gibeon meteorite material, the meteorite rings have a striking striation or line pattern.

This pattern was formed as the meteorite slowly cooled in space, before falling to the planet and the meteorite itself is thought to be over 4 billion years old!




Meteorite Bookends – $985



Black Zirconium Meteorite
with Twin Platinum – 


What better way to show your love, than to give that special someone a piece of history, something that has stood the test of time to symbolize your love for them.  A custom made Gibeon meteorite ring is the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or “just because” gift for that special person in your life!  Browse our selection of meteorite jewelry to find the perfect symbol of your love!



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