Gibeon Meteorite Jewelry

Stacy Robinson Studios is excited to introduce a line of meteorite jewelry made from the Gibeon meteorite.  These custom made rings make great engagement rings, wedding bands and gorgeous tension set rings.

About the Gibeon Meteorite

The Gibeon meteorite gets its name from the town closest to where it fell, Gibeon, Namibia.  This meteor’s fall is dated back to prehistoric times and was discovered by the Nama people, who used the meteorite to make tools and weapons.

An English captain, J. E. Alexander, sent samples of the meteorite to London in 1836 for analysis.  It was later analyzed and confirmed that the material had an extraterrestrial nature to it by John Herschel, an English mathematician, chemist, astronomer and inventor.

Composed of an iron-nickel alloy with cobalt and phosphorus, the crystal structure of the meteorite makes it an ideal material to craft jewelry from.

SRS Meteorite Jewelry

Our meteorite rings are primarily forged from titanium and feature inlays of the Gibeon meteorite.  Because of the unique crystal structure or Widmanstatten pattern of the Gibeon meteorite material, the meteorite rings have a striking striation or line pattern.

This pattern was formed as the meteorite slowly cooled in space, before falling to the planet and the meteorite itself is thought to be over 4 billion years old!




Meteorite Bookends – $985



Black Zirconium Meteorite
with Twin Platinum – 


What better way to show your love, than to give that special someone a piece of history, something that has stood the test of time to symbolize your love for them.  A custom made Gibeon meteorite ring is the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or “just because” gift for that special person in your life!  Browse our selection of meteorite jewelry to find the perfect symbol of your love!



SRS Exhibit Display

Special Surprise on the Horizon! Come with Penz by Design to the Atlanta Pen Show!

SRS Exhibit Display

Spring approaches! With it, we all expect beautiful blooms, warmer weather, and the ever present fine coating of pollen on… well everything. Yet spring also means the coming of an event that all pen enthusiasts know and love – the Atlanta Pen Show!

Join us at Penz by Design as we gather our excitement to participate in the 18th annual Atlanta Pen Show, to be held from April 12th to the 14th and located at the Wyndham Atlanta Galleria. We here at Penz by Design can’t wait to get out there to show off our newest items and the Pen Show will be the perfect place to unveil a not-so-little announcement that will mean a whole new vista of possibilities for Penz by Design! Join us for the pens you love and stay for giveaways and to discover what we have in store when our surprise is unveiled. We hope to see you there!

Photo Credit: Kaz Andrew

Keep the Love Going! Penz by Design’s Newest Feature, the PENdant!

Photo Credit:  Kaz Andrew

Photo Credit: Kaz Andrew

Well, Valentine’s Day is over – time to pack up the teddy bears and cheesy chick flicks. But even though the illustrious day of romance is over, now is no time to stop spreading the love! Maybe your gift of that lovely cat sweater didn’t go over so hot, or maybe you’re just that smooth and can’t wait for the next occasion to woo your lady love. Whatever the reason, Penz by Design is ready to fulfill all your impassioned, lovesick needs!




This week’s featured item is our newest PENdant, now with a sleeker and more straight lined design along with the ever present combination of elegance and convenience. Featuring a crystal interlaid chrome accent ring and a polished, sturdy rope chain, various multihued acrylic design options and personal engraving options, you are guaranteed the most beautiful gift specially fit for your recipient’s taste. No more worries about whether or not she’ll see your choice as a prize or a punishment. All it takes is her favorite color and the perfect heartwarming message, coupled with our graceful designs, to ensure the love goes on. This newest featured item comes to you for only $90, the last convincing element to ensure that this is the perfect choice for you! Let Penz by Design be your facilitator of that perfect moment.

Photo Credit: Judit Klein |

“For Soldiers, By Soldiers” – Penz by Design Celebrates Our Military at Fort Gordon

Photo Credit: Judit Klein |

Photo Credit: Judit Klein

Our founder, Stacy Robinson, has always held the US Military in high regard since his own time in the Army. So when Fort Gordon asked him to feature a pen show on base, Penz by Design was more than happy to oblige! From December 10th to the 16th, Penz by Design will be celebrating our hard working men and women with a specialty pen show on Fort Gordon, Home of the Signal Corp, in Augusta Georgia. What better way to honor the dedicated soldiers who aid in the development, testing, distribution, and management of Army communications than to bring them our own method of tenacious and tasteful transmission – not to mention a 15% off discount! We encourage veterans, military personnel, family members and all Penz by Design lovers to come visit us during our week-long visit at Fort Gordon. Just be sure to pick up a visitor’s pass on your way in!

Photo Credit: Amy Fedora

Handmade Pens Make the Perfect Gift! See Our Newest Feature!

Photo Credit: Amy Fedora

Photo Credit: Amy Fedora

The holidays are here! Once again comes that time of year full of joyful festivities and cheer. Yet also comes the stress of finding just the right gifts for those most dear. No one wants to give a gift unwanted. So there is no better a gift than the one made specifically and exclusively for its recipient! Penz by Design is committed to bringing you the perfect gift for even the most discerning friend or family member and provide the ideal present for the person who has everything. With our one of a kind pens and accessories, available to be engraved with the most intricate and detailed personalizations, we can ensure that you will be able to give a gift unlike any other.

And speaking of gifts meant to inspire holiday bliss, what better gift for the lawyer or ambitious law student in your life than our newest feature, “The gift that will not talk… Attorney/Pen Privilege.” Available in both rollerball and fountain, this pen’s smooth lines and sleek form are accented with either a rhodium and black titanium finish or one of rhodium and 22kt gold. This pen gives a distinct feeling of elegance, power, and finesse which is exactly what anyone in the law profession will hope to emulate. For an extra fee, it even has the option of a personalized wood pen box to take your gift to the next level and also ensure that your loved one will be able to cherish this pen in prime conditions for a lifetime. And if that’s not enough to convince you, as an added bonus, there will be a 30% off sale Black Friday for select feature items! Pictures and order details are featured below, so don’t wait to get your hands on this and many of our other fine Penz by Design products!

-Available in Rhodium/Black Titanium and Rhodium/22kt Gold* finishes.

-Available Colors: Black, Blue, Steel

Rollerball Base Price: $185

Fountain Base Price: $200


*Add $5.00 for Rhodium/22kt Gold finishes on orders under 10.

(includes customized engraving)


Optional Wood Box, $35. Call Today to Order!



**Bulk Pricing Available!