Anniversary Gifts

Did you know that for each wedding anniversary you celebrate, there is a designated gift to give?  Here is a list of mile stone years along with gift ideas to give:


1st Wedding Anniversary – Clocks

Instead of getting a literal clock, why not get him a ring with clock hardware details?



5th Wedding Anniversary – Silverware

Thrift stores can be a great place to find sterling silverware and antique pieces!  Check out this link to locate a thrift store near you:



10th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond Jewelry

Instead of the standard diamond jewelry, why not get her our Black Diamond Meteorite Bookend ring?



15th Wedding Anniversary – Watches

Movado, Rolex and Fossil watches can be found for a great price at jewelry stores that buy jewelry, pawn shops and on ebay!



20th Wedding Anniversary – Platinum

This tension set Sculpted Round Platinum ring would be the perfect companion for her hand!







25th Wedding Anniversary – Silver

His and hers matching cufflinks?  We think so!



30th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond

Our Meteorite Fusion ring with a diamond setting would make a great gift for her!



35th Wedding Anniversary – Jade

Etsy is a great place to find custom and handmade Jade jewelry!



40th Wedding Anniversary – Ruby

The Helix ring with a Ruby setting would be perfect!



45th Wedding Anniversary – Sapphire

Our Venus ring looks stunning with a sapphire setting!







50th Wedding Anniversary – Gold

Black Zirconium Meteorite with Twin Gold for him and Classic Round with Gold for her!




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